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Manhattan Motorcars Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Susana Kam | New York | 2017-08-03

Acquiring a Porsche is already a thrilling experience but when you add the excellence of the service and sales staff, it made the shopping experience even better! I bought the Macan at the end of 2015 and since I being back to Manhattan Motorcars at least 4 times. The staff is always respectful and attentive; service always exceed my expectations. I waited for a few visits before providing a review but finally I got to the conclusion that shopping at Manhattan Motorcars deserves the highest rating!

Rob Strawderman | New York | 2017-05-01

I had an excellent experience at Manhattan Motorcars. Everyone I met and dealt with was exceptionally pleasant, and I very highly recommend working with Daniel Sene. His enthusiasm and attention to detail - and fairness and transparency in our dealings - made my first purchase from this dealership very pleasurable indeed. Mark Struble, the finance manager, was also outstanding - friendly, professional, fair and not at all pushy. Thank you!

Eric H. | NY | 2016-01-27

Frank Pica is always great!

Andrew Lam | New York | 2017-03-05

Daniel Sene is the best. Professional, curteous and gets everything done needed to close quickly. Wouldn't buy a Porsche anywhere else.

Robert M. | NY | 2016-01-27

Shout out to Jake at Manhattan Motor Cars. I was looking for a used 911 and he helped me find the perfect car. He went the extra mile for me several times. Highly recommend him and the team at Manhattan Motor Cars.

Alexander Antonelli | NY | 2016-03-25

I have been working with Ed Kosa since 2005. Have bought several 911's from him. 2006,2008, well as a few friends that purchased together... Outstanding salesman and backed by a great dealership. Trust them.

Steve Shiffman | NY | 2016-05-10

I worked with Jake Semon and couldn't be more impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. His follow through was extraordinary and made buying this great car a complete pleasure. Anyone looking for a Porsche would be well served to contact Jake.

A. Goodman | CT | 2016-01-27

Love it - could not be happier!!! Andjela was wonderful and helpful in getting me the car I love.

Anthony I. | NJ | 2016-01-27

Lenka is fantastic. Friendly, considerate, responsive and comprehensive in explanations.

Chales B. | NJ | 2016-01-27

Frederick Chan, the Porsche Brand Ambassador, is an outstanding representative who is always helpful.

David D. | NY | 2016-01-27

Lenka is fabulous. She has handled me for years, which is hugely important.

Peter M. | NY | 2016-01-27

I can honestly say it was the best experience I have ever had at any premium automobile service center. I dealt with a gentlemen by the name of Freddy Chan. He was polite, professional, honest.

T. Watson | NY | 2016-01-27

Frank Pica is outstanding service advisor. Brian Miller runs a first rate Co.

Christopher P. | NY | 2016-01-27

Lenka's Gray Devitt's professionalism and attentiveness to my needs was superb. She made sure my car was properly cared for and serviced and her timeline for completeness was spot on.

Porsche Pete M. | NY | 2016-01-27

"Fantastic Experience at this Five Star service Center" I want to start out this review by stating that I never write reviews. In fact this is the first review I have ever written. I felt compelled to write this review after my experience at Manhattan Motorcars. Secondly, I am not affiliated or related in any way to Manhattan Motorcars or any of its employees, contractors vendors etc. Approximately 3 years ago, I purchased a new Porsche Panamera 4S from a Porsche dealership in Florida. I purchased several premium upgrades including their audiophile level Burmester audio system. I was very happy with the purchase with the exception of an issue that developed 4 months post my purchase. My sound system began to experience erratic momentary (one-three second) pauses midway between MP3 tracks on my I-Pod & Cd players. After reconfirming the issue was not caused by my I-Pod, I brought the issue to the attention of the service dept. of the dealership where I purchased my vehicle. After several attempts, the service dept. deemed they could do nothing and the flaw was due to compatibility issues with the sound system and my I-pod. Last year I ended up relocating to NYC and brought my car in for its scheduled servicing to Manhattan Motorcars. I dealt with a gentleman by the name of Freddy C. who assisted me from the time I scheduled the servicing. I explained to Freddy the issue I had with the sound system and he said he would fix the problem. A week later the car was fully serviced but the sound system issue was not resolved. Freddy clearly disclosed this issue to me and asked if I wanted the car back or if he could continue to search for the cause of the problem. I told him the issue was driving me nuts & I was willing to wait as long as it took to resolve the issue. Freddy introduced me to the head foreman in the service department and explained to him the issue at hand. Thereafter there were several futile attempts made to resolve the issue. Freddy clearly disclosed all the attempts and also reported to me that the attempts made did not resolve the problem. While most individuals would have given up, Freddy’s persistence and dedication to resolving the issue only grew stronger. He told me that “I know this is a big issue for you and I will get it resolved for you.” The service department did everything they could including contacting Porsche in Germany. Freddy gave me status updates twice a week on progress and to rule out causes of the defect. After close to 2 months of trial and error, on every level possible, Freddy and his team successfully resolved my issue. During this entire period, Freddy was responsive, positive, and professional even at times when I was not. He even offered to bring the car to me in the weekends when the service dept. was not working on the problem. I am thrilled to have my issue resolved but I am equally thrilled by the way I was treated and the level of professionalism by Freddy and his team. I am going to continue to be a customer at their service dept. and intend on purchasing my next premium vehicle from Manhattan Motorcars.

Bob Berkow | NY | 2016-01-27

I am new to Porsche but not to the motorsports business as I do own a large motorcycle dealership in California. I just purchased a new Porsche GT3 from Manhattan Motorcars and it was, by far, my most significant automotive purchase. I was not sure what to expect and, without cause, was concerned that I would experience arrogance. I need not have been concerned at all. As it turned out my experience with Manhattan Motorcars was flawless. The salesman, Jake Semon, was excellent to deal with. He was ethical, communicative, patient (I needed that), knowledgeable, caring, never pushed and let me buy (as opposed to being sold). He quickly followed up questions or status with regular and complete communications both by phone and email (even on days off and after hours) and I never had to remind him of anything. His manager, Marc Faraj, was likewise, Frankly, I found the entire staff to be easy to work with and displayed excellent customer service. Based upon my experiences so far I recommend Manhattan Motorcars without reservation and am always available to discuss my experiences with prospective buyers. PS - the GT3 is an unbelievable car and has exceeded my expectations . . . as has Manhattan Motorcars.

Allyson Miller | NY | 2016-01-27

My salesperson was Jake and I couldn't ask for a more attentive, knowledgeable salesperson... He responded to my questions timely and was very easy to work with.... Jake made buying my Cayenne a dream...

Ramy | NY | 2016-01-27

I had a fantastic experience at this dealership, primarily because of my extremely positive interactions with Jake Semon. Jake was knowledgable, patient, and did not put any pressure on me to buy a car. I very highly recommend that if you go to this dealership, you ask for Jake.

Mohammad Zalzala | NY | 2016-01-27

Jake was extremely professional and very helpful. Was able to provide the personal interaction I was looking for and did the best to help me out with any questions I had. He was very patient with my requests and did not seem frustrated, or brush me off, when I was trying to figure out what I was looking for. I would definitely go back to him for any further purchases.

Kenneth F. | NY | 2016-01-27

I recently moved to NYC and have only serviced my 911 at a Porsche dealers. I have put over 100,000 miles on my 911 and service has always been exceptional and Manhattan Motorcars is continuing their excellent service.

Gerald N. | NC | 2016-01-27

Manhattan Motorcars is the best dealer in the area. I have owned the following: 85 911, 97 993, 98 993s, 2003 996ttx50, 2011 997GT3RS. That should answer any questions.

Joseph L. | NY | 2016-01-27

Lenka Gray-DeVitt is our go to lady. She is a gem! Whenever we have any questions or problems, we know we can speak to Lenka about it. She will offer great advise in a professional, courteous manner. Lenka is always friendly, proactive and reactive. We are very happy with her and Manhattan Motors. We went to the Porsche Clinic and was very impressed and happy we attended.

Ehrun O. | NY | 2016-01-27


Andrew G. | NY | 2016-01-27

Lenka GrayDevitt is my gal. Just make sure she remains at Manhattan and everything will be ok.

Anwar Z. | NY | 2016-01-27

Michael provided outstanding customer service, a true professional in every sense.

Omar K. | NY | 2016-01-27

Fantastic! Porsche and Manhattan Motorcars have exceeded my lofty expectations from Day 1.

A. Siskind | NY | 2016-01-27

Lenka, as always, was great to deal with.

J. Aiello | NY | 2016-01-27

Great Staff. Great Service. The service represntative was very informative.

Dane R. | NY | 2016-01-27

Lenka is a great professional and a remarkable asset to Manhattan Motorcars. She and her staff performed at the highest level of service. It's a Porsche. There is no substitute. It is a great pleasure to deal with Manhattan Motorcars. Thank you.

Florian N. | NY | 2016-01-27

The purchase experience was amazing, was able to get the deal done, credit approved and car delivered in less than 2 hours on a Friday afternoon! A fantastic vehicle, as CPO I was impressed with the excellent condition. The handling and acceleration are outstanding. Was a prior Porsche owner, was looking for this specific model as a replacement for my BMW 7-Series. Very happy with the purchase decision.

Allan Z. | NY | 2016-01-27

Art Fenton went in my opinion WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND!!! Helped me navigate through a tough time from a previous dealer was kind helpful and informative throughout Will continue to use Art and Manhattan Motorcars because of his service and expertise. Art Fenton and the knowledge and generosity of the entire staff and managers...Thank you.

W. Burton | NY | 2016-01-27

I was given especially fine, personable service from Nick Vitucci, Nick Vitucci Jr. and Lenka Gray-Devitt

Bryce P. | NJ | 2016-01-27

George Gobrial is the best!

P. Jenkins | NY | 2016-01-27

I have already purchased a second Porsche for my wife!

W. Hermann | NY | 2016-01-27


G. Meisel | NY | 2016-01-27

Lenka is a big asset to the service department. She took my car on short notice and was able to get it back to me so that we could go on an extended vacation with peace of mind.

A. A. | NY | 2016-01-27

Having leased a Boxster 15 years ago (several years) I remembered the fabulous handling and great innovative looks. When driving my new 2015 Boxster for the first time -a totally new feeling of excitement and exhillaration were prevalent. The sculptured lines while so reminiscent, appeared totally new and more aggressive yet flowing-ly beautiful. The dealeship is overall excellent and have already referred a friend for a new Macan. Straight forward -immediately and no trying to up an unwanted option purchase...a comfortable relationship with the Sales Person!

Z. Levine | NY | 2016-01-27

Very helpful, made you feel important, like a VIP. The dealership is impressive. I love that the Panamera has 4 seats, so I can drive with more than 1 person In the car. Aside from loving the exterior and lines, it's a very comfortable car and of course drives great... I am extremely happy.

Eric H. | NY | 2016-01-27

Frank Pica is great, and there is an older gentleman who has greeted me on several occasions and took me to service area. He always makes the experience more enjoyable and always remembers me.

Gilliani H. | NY | 2016-01-27

Lenka Was great, She explained everything, and always replied.

Charles B. | NY | 2016-01-27

They made it easy and I had a day off from work!

Emma W. | NY | 2016-01-27

GREAT EXPERIENCE! LOVE THE CAR! Drives great, wonderful safety features, beautiful design, wonderful navigation interface that is easy to use, love the full skylight.

Matt F. | NY | 2016-01-27

Frederick Chan was my service rep and I found him not only personable and courteous - but very knowledgeable about Porsche and other high performance cars that I have owned in the past. He was upfront, punctual, and followed up both on the phone a via email. I believe Freddy is an excellent asset to the Porsche brand of Excellence.

Justine W. | NY | 2016-01-27

Freddy Chan did a phenomenal job in getting my Cayanee turbo serviced. He was very professional and knowledgable. He also was very quick in replying to all my emails and updating me in a timely manner. His team did a superb job servicing my car too. I was very pleased with the overall experience.

Shahzad N. | NJ | 2016-01-27

Manhattan Motorcars service proved to me why I need to stay with Porsche. Amazing brand experience.

Andrew G. | NY | 2016-01-27

I have bought Cars from BMW, Volvo, Audi, Mercedes, Mini, and Acura and George Gobrial by leaps and bounds was the best salesperson I have encountered.

N. TIllmans | NY | 2016-01-27

Lenka Devitt is the service advisor and she is worth her weight in gold, she is excellen

M. Singer | NY | 2016-01-27

Frederick Chan is quite knowledgeable and helpful without being overbearing.

Arcinees H. | NY | 2016-01-27

Beautiful. Incredible! Smooth and quick. Handles tight and taut. Everyone loves it! Danielle made the experience very painless. She was very knowledgeable about the Macan S having returned recently from test driving/training with the car. She was professional, friendly and enthusiastic. Patient with all our questions and very responsive to our requirements. Excellent ambassador for the dealership. Dream car. Have had BMW, Mercedes and Audi SQ5. Prefer engineering, design and handling.

M. Parks | NY | 2016-01-27

My Panamera Turbo is a fantastic car and your followup is excellent.

Rusian N. | NY | 2016-01-27

The sales person was amazing!

Chad D. | NY | 2016-01-27

Danielle Sialiano is the greatest; she is knowledgeable, friendly and truly cares about delivering the best vehicle. She designed the entire car with me and was so knowledgeable about all the options it was amazing. She is truly an asset to your organzation! If there is a salesperson of the year award, she should get it! You make the best cars in the world...the engineering is incredible!

Junta N. | NY | 2016-01-27

Andjela is my sales lady. She is knowledgable responsive and trustworthy.

D. C. | NY | 2016-01-27

The purchase experience was really excellent. The sales person responded to all our needs and always got back to us when we emailed or called. The person also came in on her day off to arrange delivery for us.

Barbara A. | NY | 2016-01-27

Danielle Sialiano was wonderful! Very intelligent and knowledgeable! Also VERY sweet...A+++! I always wanted a Cayenne! Now I am so happy I did it...I love it ! It's the best SUV I have ever owned! I will probably need to replace one of my other cars!

Juan M. | NY | 2016-01-27

Everything went the way it should have with no hitches which was a pleasant surprise! Love my Cayenne best vehicle I've owned so far.

E. Berliner | NY | 2016-01-27

My third Porsche, second Turbo S. They are surgical instruments on the road, and bullet proof.

A. Clemente | NJ | 2016-01-27

My sales guy George was very upfront and very helpful. Made my transaction very easy. The quality and craftsmanship of a Porsche have also made me very happy with my purchase thus far.

Mark N. | NY | 2016-01-27

I love the vehicle. This is my second Porsche Turbo and I can't imagine driving something else.

Serge D. | NY | 2016-01-27

Hello George: Stephanie and I wanted to thank you again for making the sales process both informative and fun. You exhibited great professionalism and timeliness in all matters. We look forward to a long relationship with you and Manhattan Motors. Car is terrific! See you in a couple of weeks. Regards, Serge

K. Wright | NY | 2016-01-27

Hello George: Stephanie and I wanted to thank you again for making the sales process both informative and fun. You exhibited great professionalism and timeliness in all matters. We look forward to a long relationship with you and Manhattan Motors. Car is terrific! See you in a couple of weeks. Regards, Serge

Ed S. | NY | 2016-01-27

Best quality SUV I have ever driven and I drive into NYC every day.

Herve T. | NY | 2016-01-27

The new Macan launched at the perfect time as I am relocating to NY from London. The experience is great and the driving feeling unique. Just a great car!

Vikas K. | NY | 2016-01-27

The Macan the most amazing car I have ever driven! We are thoroughly enjoying it! Always wanted to drive a Porsche. Loved the Cayenne for a family car but thought it was too big for NYC. Once I found out a smaller version was being released, I immediately signed up for it.

Sendad P. | NY | 2016-01-27

My first Porsche. Excellent first impression. I like the build and quality experience so far and own a 6 series and wanted a SUV. Was split between porsche and x3 and decided to give porsche a try.

Diane Z. | NY | 2016-01-27

Lenka was wonderful in Customer Service to deal with. Not only was she friendly, she smiled and was truly caring about my experience. She wished me a happy birthday while there and again when I picked up my car, remembering the day. Very special! Thank you Manhattan Motorcars and Lenka!

Constance C. | NY | 2016-01-27

The design is beautiful, have owned 3 models, service is top notch.

Erhun O. | NY | 2016-01-27

I am so glad to meet with Manhattan Motorcars and its crew on board. They are always so kind and helpful to fix your problem without any excuse. I hope to work with them for a long time with my Porsche and coming up ones.

G. Nelson | NY | 2016-01-27

I have owned six and I love them. Great Dealership.

Charles R. | NY | 2016-01-27

I love it and it drives beautifully. The functionality of the media and navigation center is great. This car has an bvious attention to detail and superior engineering and craftsmenship.

Marc L. | NY | 2016-01-27

Manhattan they delivered on everything they promised. I have owned other porsches and have never had a bad experience. I love it and I am happy to be back in a 911.

Joost T. | NY | 2016-01-27

Dominick is fantastic, he loves cars and it shows.

David H. | NY | 2016-01-27

These are great people!

Eric | NY | 2016-01-27

Best dealership I had experience with in tri-state area. Both sales and service are impeccable. For sales go to Danielle and Manny, for service Lenk or Frank. They really go an extra mile for their customers.

R. G. | NE | 2016-01-27

Lenka is the best! She is exceptional professional and friendly, courteous, knowledgable and always remembers me

J. Siegel | NY | 2016-01-27

Awesome car. A long term goal achieved. Now if I only had time to use it! Decided to buy the Porsche 911 because of the outstanding value retention in the cars. It was a lifelong goal to get to the point to be able to buy a Porsche, which we achieved with room to spare. The ultimate in everyday supercars.

Steven C. | NY | 2016-01-27

Danielle was extremely efficient - something I value highly. I've had two previous Porsches and love them. I traded a Cayenne Hybrid S for the Turbo for performance.

Domenick E. | NY | 2016-01-27

It was a pleasure to deal with Danielle Sialiano she made the whole deal possible and followed up on every little detail before and after the sale she's very good and I would raccomend her to anyone.

Mark R. | NY | 2016-01-27

My new Cayenne is a significant improvement over prior model. We bought here due to the work done by John the salesman on the prior purchase which he did not win and rewarded his persistence.

W. Friedman | NY | 2016-01-27

I had already owned a Cayenne and liked the way it handled and looked. I will definitely use George again becuase he was extremely helpful.

Joseph E. | NY | 2016-01-27

The GTS is a fun car to drive and the interior design/sound system/handling are awesome! My(2) previous SUV were Cayenne...Great SUV.

D. Waldman | NY | 2016-01-27

This is my third Porsche. I got all of them through Larry Kosa at Manhattan Motorcars. He's been great.

B.Pickering | NY | 2016-01-27

Love my Boxster...I'm keeping it forever!

Kristen | NY | 2016-01-27

Just recently purchased my first sports car and what a pleasure it was to have all the help from my sales proffessional. Trust me when i tell you i had a lot of expectations for this purchase and I can't say that MMC fell short on any of them.

Barbara Goldstein | NY | 2016-01-27

Danielle Sialiano was a tremendous help! I purchased my very first Porsche from her there and I am so happy!!!

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